Hi, I'm Antoine!

I'm a programmer and UX designer with a passion for simplifying complex user flows into clean and effective interfaces. I have extensive experience building working prototypes with modern technologies for feedback and testing.


Xodo is a cross-platform app for reading, annotating, and collaborating on documents. It has millions of users and a 4.7 out of 5 rating in the Google PlayStore. I am leading the design of a brand new version of the app (in beta now), which will significantly expand its collaboration capabilities. I tackle a wide range of challenges, from product direction to user flows, wireframes, and visual identity.


The literature review is a key component of academic research, that allows researchers to build upon each other’s work. PaperQuest is a visualization tool that supports efficient decision making, by only displaying the information useful at a given step of the exploration process.

What is your quest?

Anchored Customization

Settings panels are the most common customization mechanism in today's software. Yet it is often difficult to find the setting you are looking for. I solve this problem by introducing the customization layer, which overlays settings directly on top of the application interface.

Customize all the things

Twist & Pulse

The concept of ephemeral adaptation was introduced to reduce visual search time in GUI menus, while preserving spatial consistency and minimizing distraction. We extend this concept to the visual search of app icons on smartphones in order to speed up launching apps from a homescreen.

Shake it up, baby
For more information, here is my resume. I'm always happy to get together for a cup of coffee, so drop me a line!